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Your Family, Your Future, Our Passion

At Legacy Law Firm, LLC, we’re passionate about keeping you prepared for life’s next move. Whether it’s future Medicaid or estate planning, protecting your assets, or even getting life back together after an accident, it pays to be a step ahead. Let our experience help you plan your next move.

Strategic Guidance For Life’s Next Move



Estate Administration
& Probate


Areas of Focus

We maintain a strong focus on a few areas of practice to ensure we stay well-informed for our clients.

Keeping You A Step Ahead

At Legacy Law, we understand that every case and life situation is different. As each case differs, every strategic move we make considers how best to represent our clients’ interests and needs. When we partner with you as a client, we feel privileged to work on your behalf.

Our Values


When a matter is important to you, it’s personal to us too. We’re here to serve you, through life’s tough times, through caring legal representation.


We devote dozens of hours each year to continuing education, learning about the latest developments and tools that can help you reach your goals.


We are honored when clients place their trust in our representation, and we strive to earn that trust every day by providing honest advice, proactive solutions and exceptional service.


Clients or not, everyone deserves support through life’s transitions. Volunteer service, professional leadership and community education are a few ways we give back.

Large Firm Results With Small Firm Care

Our firm is led by estate planning attorney Andrew Popp. In addition to years of experience guiding clients through elder law and estate planning issues, Andrew has worked as a criminal prosecutor and a partner at another law firm.Legacy Law Firm was created to offer clients the skill and experience associated with larger law firms combined with attentive service and a close working relationship with your attorney. When facing a complex life matter bringing you to our services, we never want you to feel like a number. 
You need more than a lawyer. You deserve a personal advocate. As a boutique firm, we are selective in the cases we choose to represent, giving us the time to devote to you and offering you the confidence that your next move is in the right hands. 

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Attorney Andrew Popp sitting at his computer
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Founding Partner Andrew Popp

“I know the situations bringing people to seek my legal counsel can be stressful. You may either be faced with life’s toughest questions or are not even sure of the questions to ask. I’m here to meet you right where you are. The most rewarding part of my work is lightening my client’s load by providing answers, putting the legal pieces together, and working side by side to help them achieve their goals with clarity and peace of mind.”

Client Stories

“Attorney Andrew Popp provided me a quick, knowledgeable response regarding my probate questions. Prior to speaking with Mr. Popp, I had consulted with numerous attorneys in two states — and received a broad range of answers. In my opinion, the answers provided me by Attorney Popp were offered in a spirit of true professionalism, and backed by a true desire to help.”


“I really enjoyed working with Mr. Popp. He is an asset to his profession.”


“Mr. Popp knows his stuff. He went through our situation and helped us avoid some major problems that will save us a lot of money. Highly recommend”

-Anonymous client